French Mac and Cheese

Let's take a new spin on an original classic with this French revisit. Sacrebleu it's so good !

You sure know Mac’n Cheese ? I recently gave you my spin on the classic cheddar recipe in this article. But we all know it, as fun as cheddar is with its bright orange color, it will never match a good regional stinky French cheese !

French Mac and Cheese

Where to begin when you want to create a French version of an English recipe ? To be honest, it won’t be that hard, but I really tried to do my best to get sure that the end result would still be worth the work, and that it would be as close to the original as possible.

French Mac and Cheese

I decided to take a French classic recipe as a source of inspiration for this French version of Mac and Cheese, and to use only French regional quality products. I’ll swap the cheddar sauce for blend of three cheeses (comté, emmental and french gruyère), some white wine, a touch of Isigny crème fraîche, and a quick broil in the oven with some breadcrumbs.

French Mac and Cheese

It’s going to be a very decadent recipe, but hey, 100% French, sacrebleu ! Better or worse than the original cheddar Mac and Cheese ? You decide !

French Mac and CheeseFrench Mac and Cheese

Question time

Help, I can’t get the cheese to melt properly !

Well, I made a great discovery while creating this dish : melting a blend of cheese in white wine is way harder than I expected. I wish you could have seen my face when the cheese started to look like a big chewing gum swimming in a beautiful bath of white wine. If it happens to you, no panic : just add a bit of cornstarch mixed with a tablespoon of water. You can also add a bit of milk if needed. But if you follow the recipe, everything should work right away !

I can’t find these exact cheeses. What can I do ?

Try with other cheeses ! I can’t count how many French cheeses do exist, so try anyone you’d like ! Just use from 180 g to 200 g of cheese and it should work.

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