Classic cheddar Mac and Cheese

This might be one of the most classic English recipes ever. Here's a quick and easy one pot delicious version you'll absolutely love.

Hey ! If there’s a recipe any American or British people have probably eaten hundreds of times in his life is Mac and Cheese. Anyone can cook it, it’s tasty, it’s easy to make, it fills you up, and it’s the perfect dish when you come back drunk from a party. It’s not fancy but it’s goooood.

Original Mac and Cheese

The first time I met Mac and his friend Cheese was in an American supermarket with the famous blue and yellow Kraft Foods boxes (something we can’t find here in France). It “almost” tastes like cheddar and it’s way too yellow to look natural but hey, who am I to criticize ? I’ve read that then don’t even use artificial colors anymore so it can’t be that bad. Sadly, after a quick taste, it wasn’t as tasty as I expected. Sorry guys !

Original Mac and Cheese

Here’s a solution : do it yourself !, with a one pot 100% cheddar recipe, which is almost as quick to make as Kraft Dinner but a lot better. No dirty dishes, and that’s a godsend when you’ll prepare this recipe drunk 😀

Original Mac and CheeseOriginal Mac and CheeseOriginal Mac and Cheese

Question time

Can I freeze this dish ?

Yes, but… I recommend freezing it in small portions and unfreeze it in a pan on low heat with some milk added. But I honestly think that it’s gonna take more time than just cooking the recipe from the start.

Can I swap the cheddar with another cheese ?

Of course ! I would only advise you to remove the Curcuma which is useful here only for the color. And if you want some ideas, go take a look at my French version of Mac and Cheese : “le Mac and Fromage” !

Are spices really necessary ?

Nope. But after trying lots of recipes I find that it brings the dish to a whole lot level without adding much work. Furthermore, have fun by adding as many spices as you want ! You just have to find the right amount (usually between 1/2 and 1 teaspoon). Some cheeses to mix very well with spices (munster/cumin, goat cheese/pepper, Camembert/Curcuma curry, etc.) !

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