Brownoffee – Brownie meets Banoffee

A rich dark chocolate brownie mixed with a fresh and crunchy banoffee topping. I just hope you're not on a diet !

If you’re on a diet this cheat meal will count double! Probably one of the most gourmet desserts I’ve ever made. I had this idea to mix a Brownie and a Banoffee Pie into a single dessert after seeing a video of a brownie generously garnished with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Such a great idea, but it seemed to me that it could be pushed even further. So here comes the banana!

Ok, banana and chocolate isn’t quite new in desserts, but on a brownie it was a revelation ! By deconstructing the Banoffee Pie to keep only its freshness, while removing any excess of sugar and topping it all with a fancy salted butter caramel sauce, you get a dessert that is so decadent but still much more delicate than any store bought Brownie.

Brownoffee - Brownie meets Banoffee

What about this recipe ?

For this recipe, I’ve decided to remove the vanilla custard and focus only on the banana. By preparing a low-sugar banana mousse, you keep a very strong and fresh banana taste, and the caramelized pecans and salted butter caramel match perfectly with the brownie laying underneath.

Brownoffee - Brownie meets BanoffeeBrownoffee - Brownie meets Banoffee

Question time

Can I prepare this dessert the day before ?

The brownie and salted butter caramel sauce only. The banana mousse has to set on the brownie, and the whipped cream should be done at the last moment. I added some mascarpone in the whipped cream to make it more firm, but it also adds fat on a already very buttered brownie.

Do I have to make individual portions ?

Absolutely not ! In this recipe everything is done in the same dish, it is only at the end that we detail individual portions for a sexier presentation. You can, of course, even serve it as is in the baking dish !

This recipe is quite heavy ! Can I lighten it ?

Hard to tell. The brownie has a super-soft consistency thanks to the butter it contains, and although the banana mousse is rather light, whipped cream can only be made with heavy whipping cream.