Mac and Cheese two ways : which one will win ?

Mac and Cheese classic vs. french

You asked for it on Instagram, the next recipe should be a main dish. To be honest, after writing for 3 days that f-cking Brownoffee recipe, I’ve decided that it would be better for my mental health and yours to share with you easier and quicker recipes (and quicker to write too).

So here comes not one but two new recipes (and a face-off). This week I’m taking a spin on the very English and very tasty Mac and Cheese !

Mac and Cheese classic

Classic Mac and Cheese

The first version is, of course, the original one, the 100% cheddar Mac and cheese. Macaroni pasta, English cheddar, some spices, and a one-pot recipe. No dirty dishes, AMEN !

French Mac and Cheese

Mac and Fromage

The second version is a French one, le Mac and Fromage. Sacrebleu ! Elbow macaroni, a blend of three French cheeses (comté, gruyère and emmental), crème fraîche, dry white wine, shallots… I couldn’t get it more French !

The fight is on : original Mac and Cheese VS. French Mac and Fromage. Don’t forget to tell me which one you find is the best one !

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